FOMEN is a 2 year project which runs from September 2019 until August 2021. The project’s focus is on innovative approaches to preventing gender-based violence amongst male migrants.

The project team, based in 6 countries, will develop quality standards for violence-prevention programmes based on this work with male refugees and migrants. The project will work with both primary and secondary prevention methods; primary level services towards migrants will be targeted and if risk groups are identified as needing secondary level prevention approaches, this will be highlighted. National workshops will be held with professionals experienced in the three topics (gender/masculinity, migration/intercultural education and violence prevention). These workshops will provide professionals with the chance to discuss aproaches to the issue and to highlight the most critical needs. The results of these workshops will be used to further the project objectives.


  • To gain an insight into the gendered impacts of the refugee crisis in Europe.
  • To develop gender-sensitive prevention services.
  • To improve existing services.
  • To address the fact that migration can create conflicts in knowledge related to gender-based violence.
  • To improve the health and well-being of victims by promoting emotional regulation in men and helping them build social relations.
  • To prevent violence.
  • To highlight to the public, as well as local/national authorities, the need for a gender-sensitive approach to violence prevention.
  • To improve the cross-over between migration/intercultural education, gender/masculinity and violence prevention.

Last changed: 18.05.2020